Building green saves an average school $100,000 each year in energy costs

Indeed, according to a 2006 study sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers, the American Institute of Architects, the American Lung Association, the Federation of American Scientists and the USGBC, building green saves an average school $100,000 each year in energy costs—enough to hire two full-time teachers, or purchase 5,000 new textbooks or 500 new computers.

The study also found green schools’ better lighting, temperature control, ventilation and indoor air quality contribute to fewer cases of asthma, colds, flu and absenteeism, helping improve learning, test scores and lifetime student earnings.

Mary Tappouni, president of Breaking Ground Contracting Company, Jacksonville, Fla., couldn’t agree more. Her company is currently constructing eight LEED projects, including Jacksonville’s first LEED-certified residence.

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