Luck Favors the Prepared

Anything can happen during a construction project. That’s why it’s incredibly important to perform your due diligence before the walls go up. Breaking Ground Contracting’s Pre-Construction services ensure a smooth, predictable building process free of surprises and hidden challenges. Our meticulous approach ensures that your project meets your timeline and budget expectations.
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Proactive Problem Solving

Why waste time and money solving problems when you can avoid them in the first place? Our proactive approach to problem-solving is the cornerstone of our Pre-Construction service.

Identify Challenges

Through decades of construction experience, we’ve learned to anticipate common challenges as well as identify obstacles unique to any building project. Being involved before construction begins enables us to propose alternative concepts and solutions before they become substantial problems.

Formulate Plans

By examining and planning for every possible contingency, we are able to enter the construction phase with a high degree of confidence and certainty. This prevents unplanned-for surprises and avoids unforeseen delays so your project is completed on time and on budget.

Execute Solutions

With advance insight into what to expect, we are able to concentrate our efforts on executing your project effectively and efficiently. All our prior planning and preparation allows us to bring an intense level of focus and attention to detail so that your building meets and exceeds your expectations.

Who We Work With


Developers love working with Breaking Ground. Our Pre-Construction services help them streamline their construction projects and realize the value of their projects faster.

Facility Managers

We help facilities managers plan, budget and accelerate their building projects so they can stay focused on their daily operations and leave the Pre-Construction efforts to the professionals.


Architectural, design, and engineering firms can benefit from Breaking Ground’s ability to help them bring more value and efficiency to their projects and expedite their schedules.
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How We Can Help

Financing Cost

Need to secure funding? Our team provides expert cost estimation to help you access the capital you need to greenlight your next building project.

Design & Construction

We understand the value of your construction spending and have a proven track record of creating accurate, realistic budgets that maximize your investment.

& Finishes

We understand the value of your construction spending and have a proven track record of creating accurate, realistic budgets that maximize your investment.

Life Cycle Cost
Analysis (LCCA)

Knowing what to expect over the life cycle of your building enables you to make better decisions now and help with future planning and budgeting.

Life Cycle
Assessment (LCA)

Knowing not only the financial costs, but the environmental impact of your construction project is an essential part of sustainable building.


Make a Plan

Before you build, contact us to learn more about how our Pre-Construction services can help your project stay on budget.
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