Another River City Engages on the Issue of Climate

December 21, 2018

Breaking Ground

Many of us in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida have been involved in efforts to make our city, and our region, more sustainable and resilient.  Examples of success are available to us, even if not widely acknowledged or recognized.  But we long for bold leadership that will make us a truly sustainable city.  A vision that provides for aggressive targets to lower emissions, protect our natural resources, improve air and water quality, to grow our economy through support of green business, and to enact policies that positively affect the health and well-being of all of those in our community.

As we move closer to our local elections, and during a time of joy and hope, I put forth the wish of a true sustainability vision and policy originating from City Hall.  What a gift that would be for the citizens of Jacksonville!  While we continue our work, here is an excellent example of a river city making great strides in this effort.  Take a look at this video series, compliments of CDP, which includes the actions of Memphis, Tennessee, a member of the Global Covenant of Mayors.