Shifting Expectations In Sustainable Living

Home Builders and Retailers have embraced sustainability because their customers demand it and the numbers prove its value.

The National Association of Homebuilders says it is “Engaging Consumers of all Ages in Sustainable Living”.  This information is backed up with data in Dodge Analytics Smart Market Report titled Green and Healthier Homes.

The report states that “…some aspects of green, especially energy conservation, have become an expected practice in the industry, and how commitment to green homes is expected to continue to grow.”  In addition, those builders who execute green building practices see a positive effect.  “Consistent with the findings of the previous Green Homes Smart Market Reports from 2011 and 2014, builders with a high level of green involvement (those who do more than 60% of their projects green) report lower additional cost to building green than those who do less green building.” Read the full report featured on the NAHB website.

The retail market is no exception.  According to an article by Goulston and Storrs PC, retailers have shifted from sustainability as a regulatory response to now pursuing sustainability to increase customer satisfaction and capture brand loyalty.

What is your industry’s view on sustainability, resilience and green?  Consumers and Corporations alike are asking for green products and services from the supply chain to the end product.  Commercial Contractors and Home Builders need to be knowledgeable on this topic and implement strategies to reduce initial costs to their customers or those customers will go elsewhere.   Are you in the best position to meet your client’s expectations and deliver results?

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