Willow Branch Library

Project Stats

Project Size: 8,650sf
Architect/Engineer:: Akin & Associates Architects, Inc.
Owner: City of Jacksonville
Notable Project Details: The main challenges were access to and from the construction area by contractors and through the area by library patrons, lack of lay down/mobilization area and dust control inside the building. There was no allowance or accommodation made to close any section of the library for more that 24 hours at a time.


Two phase renovation of an Owner occupied 8,650 s.f. historic library. Work included renovation and repair of mechanical systems, plaster repair, installation of new power sliding door at main entrance, re-work of parking lot and entrance to accommodate handicapped accessibility, new exterior canopies, replacement of all original window glass using original frames, restoration of window frames, exterior brick restoration and painting, total interior flooring replacement, interior painting, custom made window screens/security gates at basement windows to match historic décor, correction of water instruction issues and parking lot upgrades.




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