What Steps Have You Taken to Make Your Office and Jobsite Operations More Sustainable, and How Has It Impacted Your Bottom Line?

Years ago, we decided to incorporate sustainable practices in all areas of our business, including jobsites and offices. Everything from purchasing to processes are considered and required regardless of whether a project is pursuing certification through a green rating system. Included are onsite recycling centers for both construction and everyday waste; minimum waste diversion goals of 90 percent; energy-efficiency measures; green cleaning supplies; green building materials and products; zero VOC paints, caulks and sealants; carbon offsets; and indoor air quality plans and site protection plans. We also incorporate many of these requirements into our subcontracts.

Our influence extends through our education services, where we teach subcontractors, clients and even competitors how to be green.

“Walking the talk” brings attention and recognition to our firm, making us a trusted and respected green organization that goes beyond contracting. The key is to keep pushing the bar higher.

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