Robert E. Lee High School

Project Stats

Project Size: 117,000sf
Architect/Engineer:: N/A
Owner: Duval County Public Schools
Notable Project Details: In an effort to encourage and support future efforts of Duval County Public Schools to pursue LEED for Schools certifications on their projects, Indoor Air Quality Plans, Construction Activity Pollution Prevention Plans and Construction Waste Management Plans were implemented as a way to document that LEED strategies can be introduced on a project without impacting the budget or the schedule.


The Robert E. Lee High School Rehabilitation included repainting and waterproofing of all finishes for both exterior and interior to include paint, lockers, millwork, and doors along with a full repair of all lockers. Much of the work was completed after school hours or on weekends and holidays to ensure minimal impact on the students and faculty. Constant communication between the senior administration at Lee High School and the project team resulted in a quality rehabilitation that did not interfere with the school schedule or any after-school activities.



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